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help companies in building them.

"Does your product deliver on it's brand promise consistently?"

This is me

Hi! I' am Steven van Rij.


Since 1998 I've been building digital products / experiences. First as a developer, but as time passed I quickly discovered  that determining what needed to be built and sell it (product management)  was more fun than the coding itself.


The last 10 years I've done nothing else then productmanagement in corporates (ING, Aegon, Elsevier), scale-ups (Backbase, GlobalOrange, SimpledCard) and startups (Layar) in 16 different geographic markets. I’ve been building products from scratch or extending on top of what was already there. As owner, external consultant, employee or preferably as part of the founding team of a rapidly scaling fintech company (SimpledCard). 

I trained over 80 productmanagers and spoke around 20 times in different topics regarding product. I am organiser of ProductTank Amsterdam and organised around 35 product meetups since 2014

I am currently helping ING in building the best receivables finance platform in the world and am looking for then next opportunity to fulfill my dream: building the next insanely successfull SAAS company.

I wonder what is coming next…. Maybe helping you with your product related challenges. If you think I can help, be sure to give me a call (+31 6 42 52 40 03)!

(Software) Productmanagement  training 
 User Experience 

 Design   Product Marketing  Metrics 

 Customer success    Innovation 

Startup to Scale-up 

Go - To - Market   B2B sales 

P3 assesment

A quality product is at the heart of your company. Like with the human body, a weak heart has a tremendous impact on the bottom line performance of a company and results in "weird" symptoms/malfunctioning in other areas of the body. 


I've seen a lot of companies screaming for help on other departments while in fact they were only fighting the symptons of a bad product. It's my mission to help these companies go back to the root cause and fix the issues where they start.

To help the analysis of these issues I have developed a special assessment scan which focuses on the 3 main areas for product success: Product definition, Processes and above all People. That's why I call it the p3 assesment.

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Below a selection of companies I worked for:

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